How a foundry from 1930 becomes the biggest golf course supply company in the Southern Hemisphere

Since the establishment of a non ferrous foundry by Julius and his son Ronald (pictured) in 1930 in Sydney Australia the Dinte family has been actively involved in manufacturing of castings across the entire engineering spectrum.

Over eighty years has passed and as well as making castings this business has evolved into the best golf course supply and solutions company that this country has ever had. From humble beginnings into the golf industry when Rons two sons Michael and Anthony designed and produced the first DINT Putter to the fourth generation of Dintes, Adam and Jonathan the tradition of quality and service continues.

Casting is still an integral part of the overall business however the golf stream is flowing faster and faster.

This means that we have the resources to produce in house a huge assortment of production and cast product including bronze plaques at very quick and reasonable cost. Having total control and understanding of these process's is paramount in designing and producing and testing any product that we put into the golf environment. We can bring ideas to life at a rapid pace ourselves instead of relying on outside engineering factors. We are the total package.

This business has attracted the highest level of capable, technical and loyal staff who realise the importance of getting it right the first time. DINT Golf Solutions listens, hears and acts quickly and efficiently to find the answer and product that you the golf course super, the general manager or the corporate marketing person needs and wants. This 100 percent owned Australian Company has the solution for you.