Single or double-sided signage with 15" (13cm) stainless steel screw-in spikes
Choice of two sizes: 9" (h) x 15" (23cm x 38cm)
Choice of two sizes: 6" (h) x 12" (15cm x 30cm)



Order Information:
Sizes: 9" (h) x 15" (23cm x 38cm)
36701 - Single-sided
36702 - Double-sided

Sizes: 6" (h) x 12" (15cm x 30cm)
36711 - Single-sided
36712 - Double-sided

  Ground Under Repair (GUR)   Please Repair Pitch Marks   Please Rake Bunkers
  Carts (with one arrow)   Please Repair Divots   Keep Carts 30' From Green
  Next Tee (with one arrow)   Drop Zone   Please Observe 90° Rule
  All Traffic   No Chipping   Putting Green Closed
  Next Tee (with one arrow)   Please Keep Off   Driving Range Closed
  Wet Areas Carts Keep Off       Chemicals Applied Today