With all the features of the Range Ball Washer, the RANGE BALL WASHER-PRO is equipped with newly developed "Circulating-water System" that re-uses water waste. To save water resources and reduce your costs, the Range Ball Washer - Pro is ready to get to work.

 The intergrated "Circulating-water System" reuses water  waste
 Safety Open-lid sensor prevents operation of the 
 washer when the lid is open
 Balanced water sensor works to maintain the water level  in the tank
 Safety water pump sensor work to provent the pump 
 working without water
 Electrical control for the washer are housed in a 
 seperate enclosure located in the machine.

Size: 5⅓' (w) x 2⅟ 10' (d) x 2⅘' (h)
Size: (163cm x 64cm x 85cm)
Power: 380V/ 50Hz, 750W
Weight: 180kg

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